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Khwaabb 2014 tek parça 720p izle

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Khwaabb 2014 tek parça 720p izle

Khwaab is a story about the birth of a dream, of ambition and the fierce passion to achieve that dream amidst unceasing tribulations. This intense personal journey is set in the larger, bureaucratic world of Indian sports. It illustrates why a country with a population of 1.2 billion people cannot produce medal-winning athletes. How sheer, raw talent gets wasted or destroyed by corrupt politicians and power hungry bureaucrats. Khwaab is the story of one such athlete and her struggle to succeed in the cut-throat, debauched and mired world of Indian sports.

  • Yönetmen Adı:Zaid Ali Khan
  • Oyuncular:Ayushmaan Saxena,Nafisa Ali,Simer Motiani
  • Tür:Genel
  • Yapım Yılı:2014
  • Ekleyen:admin

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